The New Skool Orchestra is a South African formation which evolved from the “Jazz Evenings” of the MIAGI Youth. Orchestra in 2010. Since then, assisted by MIAGI and under the leadership of musical multi‐talent Tshepo Tsotetsi, it unites young musicians and composers who join in a search for new musical manners of expression and work on their own pieces in an experimental fashion.

The musicians are trained in classical music just as in jazz and South African indigenous and traditional music. The New Skool Orchestra gives them an opportunity to confidently develop their multi‐faceted cultural heritage further. With this goal in mind, the orchestra acts as a national symbol in South Africa for the quest for liberty and unity between the different ethnic groups.

It appeared in connection with the MIAGI Youth Orchestra tour of Europe 2012, at Young Euro Classic at the festival’s opening weekend in July at the Konzerthaus in Berlin, taking the audience by storm.
With funds from the European Union, MIAGI was enabled to set up New Skool Orchestra with an own office and administration. New Skool Orchestra, performing in a variety of smaller and bigger formations, can now promote its own brand, promote young composers and other young musicians, take leadership and create an own market.