A Little Bit About Us

The “New Skool” Orchestra

The New Skool Orchestra is a dynamic young orchestra that calls forth a new order to orchestral music in South Africa. The NSO has developed its own genre which comes about as a combination of different genres such as classical music, jazz and pop. The orchestra seeks to empower young musicians and create jobs for them as young professionals. How the orchestra seeks to achieve this is by nurturing a wide variety of disciplines within music while making the young musicians employable.

Within the orchestra lies a wide array of combinations that one can make use of in many different commercial settings which stretches from a solo saxophonist to a full 60 piece orchestra. Such flexibility is essential as it gives the ensemble more commercial value and relevance. South Africa has an average of 50 million people but only 2 percent of them are concert-goers which poses a responsibility to the ensemble to raise awareness of the importance of music in society.

The NSO has a very strong relationship with MIAGI (Music is a great investment). MIAGI is currently supporting the NSO in many ways and creates possibilities for international touring. They serve as a general mentor for the NSO.